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Car Servicing and Brake Repairs in Bridport | Signs your Vehicle Needs Brake and Clutch Replacements

Central Motors is a VOSA-qualified MOT testing station and car garage located in Bridport. We carry out a wide range of car servicing and repairs, including MOTs, vehicle diagnostics, DPF cleaning, brake repairs, clutch replacements and exhaust fitting. If you would like to see what previous clients say about the results we deliver, please read our testimonials.

Ensuring your brakes and clutch are in optimal working condition is pivotal to achieving road safety, efficiency and smooth driving with any vehicle.

Below we have compiled a guide to the warning signs that your brakes or clutch need replacing.

Strange Sounds

If you notice a screeching sound when braking, it’s probably a sign that your brake pads need replacing. These sounds usually occur due to the brake pads being worn down, resulting in the metal of the brake pad making contact with the rotor when you brake. Screeching brakes could also indicate other issues, so whatever you think the cause is, it’s best to have professionals check your vehicle right away.

Should you hear a grinding sound when shifting gears, you may need a clutch replacement. This sound is a common warning sign that the clutch disc is engaged so the transmission input shaft continues to spin even when you completely release the clutch pedal. This leads to your gears grinding, which eventually damages their ability to reduce or increase power and speed.

Central Motors is based in Bridport and carries out reliable clutch and brake repairs to resolve strange noises. We also undertake vehicle diagnostics, car servicing and general repair work as well as DPF cleaning, exhaust fitting and MOT testing, keeping every area of your vehicle working smoothly.

Pulling or Slipping

If your vehicle is pulling to one side as you slow down or stop, there is probably an issue with your brake caliper or hose. While wheel alignment problems may also be the cause, sticking brake calipers and damaged brake hoses will need to be replaced as soon as possible. The same goes for a slipping clutch, which is caused by the wearing down of clutch friction materials. When there is not enough friction, the clutch cannot engage properly. Most motorists will notice a slipping clutch when they attempt to release it and accelerate, but their vehicle moves slowly and the engine revs louder.

Requiring More Effort 

Faults in the brake system like a seized caliper will mean your vehicle takes longer to slow down than usual once you have applied the brakes. This is dangerous as it can lead to serious accidents on the road, so if you experience braking issues seek professional attention for your car as soon as you realise the stopping distance has increased.

Clutch pedals can also become more difficult to engage and require excessive force from the motorist to fully engage. This signifies a problem with the release mechanism and you should have it looked at and replaced as soon as possible.

Reliable Garage Services in Bridport

Motorists in the Bridport area trust Central Motors for a full range of garage services, including:

  • Brake Repairs

  • Clutch Replacements

  • Gearbox Repairs

  • Exhaust Fitting

  • Vehicle Diagnostics

  • DPF Cleaning

  • MOT Testing

For car servicing, brake repairs and clutch replacements in Bridport, please call us on 01308 423994.

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