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Brake and Clutch Replacements in Lyme Regis, Bridport
and the Surrounding Areas

Your brakes are the most crucial safety system in your vehicle, they provide motorists with the ability to slow down or halt a vehicle, ensuring road safety and preventing accidents. The clutch is also important as it connects the engine to the gearbox, allowing motorists to stay in control of how much power the engine transfers to the wheels. Potential clients from Bridport, Lyme Regis or the surrounding areas can visit our website gallery to see examples of our work on brakes, clutches and gearboxes. 

We also clean and replace diesel particulate filters and we are a VOSA-qualified MOT testing station.

Our Brake and Clutch Services

If your clutch pedal squeaks, grumbles, vibrates or is lose when pressed it usually needs replacing. This also applies if you experience poor acceleration or have difficulty shifting gears. Ensuring your clutch is in good working condition means the engine can efficiently transfer power to the wheels. 

Our team is trained to use a wide range of professional equipment, including:

  • Airguns

  • Allen Wrenches

  • Brake Bleeder Wrenches

  • Brake Caliper Piston Tools

  • Hand Tools 

  • Jacks and Jack Stands

  • Spanners

  • Wrenches

When you experience vibrating, grinding sounds or longer braking times you should have your brakes checked and possibly replaced. Before we begin working on your vehicle we will source the most suitable replacement parts, including brake pads and rotors. 

We also bleed brakes to release excess fluid and trapped air, before topping up your vehicle with new brake fluid.  

Central Motors welcomes motorists from Bridport, Lyme Regis or the surrounding areas and we carry out brake and clutch replacements as well as a wide range of other garage services. 

Our brake repair process is as follows:

All of our services are complete at competitive prices and we are an AA, RAC, IMI- and Autocare-approved garage.  

Here at Central Motors we also undertake work on gearboxes. We use auto gearbox flushers in order to thoroughly clean the gearbox, eliminating oil, dirt and debris build-up so that you can safely change speed with properly aligned gears, and you won’t have to experience distracting sounds or underperformance issues.

Should you notice any problems with your vehicle that may require brake and clutch replacements, bring it to the Central Motors garage. We are based in Bridport, and our experienced team serves motorists from our local areas, including Lyme Regis and the surrounds. 

For brake and clutch replacements in Bridport, Lyme Regis and the surrounding areas, please call us on 01308 423994.

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