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Diesel particulate filters (DPFs) have been a key element in diesel-fuel cars for decades. When they are no longer working effectively, the DPF warning light will illuminate on your dashboard, at which point it is wise to seek professional DPF cleaning services. If you’re ever unsure of what the symbols on your dashboard indicate or have simply noticed your vehicle is underperforming, you can bring it to the Central Motors garage for vehicle diagnostics

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As well as DPF services, we also undertake exhaust replacements, brake repairs and clutch replacements.

DPF Cleaning, Regeneration and Replacement

When motorists contact us with DPF-related issues, we recommend bringing in the vehicle as soon as possible. Once we have confirmed the source of your problems is the DPF we will remove the current filter.

We will test the DPF, including the pressure sensor and soot mass, to establish what works are required.

If the filter is simply blocked, our mechanics carry out DPF cleaning or regeneration, which involves cleaning it with compressed air, then rinsing it off before applying a DPF chemical cleaner to ensure all ash and soot is removed.

Should we discover the DPF is hardened with soot or cracked, we will need to replace it.

Why Clean DPFs?

Blocked filters can lead to mechanical malfunctions that eventually cause significant damage to the engine as it works harder to ventilate exhaust fumes, resulting in increased fuel consumption and more extensive, costly repairs or replacements being required later down the line.

When motorists in Bridport, Lyme Regis or the surrounding areas experience issues with their diesel particulate filters, Central Motors is the first port of call.

Gearbox and Fuel Line Cleaning

At Central Motors, we don’t just provide DPF cleaning. We use auto gearbox flushers to clean out all of the oil build-up, dirt and debris in your vehicle’s gearbox. This ensures the gears are properly aligned so you can safely adjust your speed and won’t have to deal with distracting rumbling and growling sounds.

We also use a fuel injection cleaning machine to test and clean your vehicle’s fuel lines. Fuel injector cleaning solutions restore your vehicle’s fuel system by removing any residue so it can achieve full functionality.

The upkeep of your fuel injector system is crucial to the combustion process that sustains engine efficiency.

For DPF cleaning in Bridport, Lyme Regis and the surrounding areas, please call us on 01308 423994.

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